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10 Common And Rash Mistakes Made By Young Mothers That Could Be Dangerous For A Baby

By Andrew Alpin, 4 July 2019


The internet is a wealth of information for young and nursing mothers how to take care of a newborn baby. There are a horde of online blogs and parenting articles written by experts for pregnant moms to be but much if this might also seem confusing. This creates problems for women understanding and following the wrong recommendations. This can create a problem and impact the health of both mother and baby. This is why given below are some of the common mistakes made by mothers which is quite valuable to be aware of especially when you are nursing your newborn baby.

1 You don’t use formula


Breast milk obviously is the best food for a newborn baby but then some moms may not have enough if it and you won’t know if your baby is getting the right amount of nourishment. In a maternity ward, nurses will generally have bottles of formula ready although some moms refuse it altogether. When a baby is always hungry, it can impact their health and result in dehydration and lead to serious problems.


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If hunger is bad, then overfeeding is bad too. A baby usually starts crying if it feels discomfort or something is hurting it or maybe because they want the mother’s attention. Mothers may then try to pacify the baby by feeding them that may further lead to more abdominal discomfort, gas and regurgitating.

Don’t force-feed a baby

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3Don’t force-feed a baby


Never try to overfeed or force feed a baby if they don’t want to eat. If you feel your baby isn’t feeding enough, then consults a pediatrician who will explore other factors involved or if it isn’t anything to worry about.

Pumping breast milk and feeding from the bottle

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4Pumping breast milk and feeding from the bottle


There are some babies who don’t feed from the breast very well. When this happens, do not take the advice of getting the milk pumped with a breast pump and then feeding it to the baby from a bottle. It is not dangerous to do so but sucking milk from a bottle is generally easier than feeding from the breast and a baby may get used to this over time and the problem will only worsen.

This may also lead to the baby stopping breastfeeding entirely or may soon start crying for the bottle instead. This can lead to overbite and speaking problems later when the child begins to develop. There will also be a decrease in breast milk production.

Wrapping a baby too much

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