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10 Common And Rash Mistakes Made By Young Mothers That Could Be Dangerous For A Baby

By Andrew Alpin, 4 July 2019


8Not using the stroller correctly

Not always can we be hundred percent that our children are safe however; we can do our best in seeing that they are secure by following all rules of safety. One of the main rules is to hold the baby in your arms when you are using a stroller and entering an elevator because machines are unreliable and elevator doors can close quickly. The stroller can slide out too before doors can close or get stuck.

When crossing the road, many parents use the stroller the wrong way and will push the stroller in front of them. The stroller is a lower level than cars and will not be seen by drivers. According to driving rules, strollers should be pushed ion the side.

Not using the stroller correctly

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9Rocking a baby the wrong way

There are children who cry louder than others and this can irritate parents who think that rocking them harder may make them shut up. It isn’t because they don’t like the baby; it is their own nervousness and irritation that makes their own movements harder and rushed.

Rocking a baby the wrong way

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10Rocking too fast can injure a baby


Children have weak neck muscles and soft brains in the first year of growth and if you rock the child too hard, it can get injured. These are also known as a shaken baby syndrome that can disable a child or put it at risk of fatality. Always rock a baby gently as babies like a uniform rocking motion.

Rocking too fast can injure a baby

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