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7 Bizarre Places In The World, Where You Can Visit Human Remains

By Jatin Sharma, 27 April 2017


5 Tollund Man, Denmark

The Tollund Man is a bog body found in 1950 and is the best example to be ever to be discovered. The body was discovered with a rope around its neck, signaling a gory death for the poor soul. His last meal of porridge/oats was found in his intestines. The 30-year-old man died around 350 BC and he was found with hair and belt. The body is open to visitors in the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.

Tollund Man Denmark

Image Source: www.khoahocphattrien.vn

6 Vladimir Lenin’s remains, Russia

Vladimir Lennin was the first leader of Soviet Russia and was embalmed on his death according to his wishes. His body is on display in a mausoleum near the Kremlin in Red Square in Moscow since 1924. His body is well preserved and is religiously taken through a process of bathing, re-embalming and temperature control. There were no plans to keep his body for display for such a long time, but it has attracted so many visitors over the years, that government has decided to make it a permanent fixture.

Vladimir Lenin’s remains Russia

Image Source: www.delmagyar.hu

7 The Elephant Man’s skeleton, Britain


The elephant man, whose real name was Joseph Merrick, was a Victorian man who suffered from Protheus syndrome, which has severely distorted his skeleton. He spent his time in a workhouse doing menial jobs for food and shelter and was picked up by a freak show company in 1884.

Despite hardships, he was rescued by Dr. Frederick Treves from London hospital and a public fund was setup to take care of his expenses. After his death, death masks and casts of his skeleton were made and skeleton was displayed. His skeleton is still in a glass case at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

However, only medical professionals or students can view the skeleton and it is not open for public viewing. Pictures of his skeleton were released by doctors to the public.

The Elephant Man’s skeleton Britain

Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk


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