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7 Bizarre Places In The World, Where You Can Visit Human Remains

By Jatin Sharma, 27 April 2017


3 The Sedlac Ossuary, Czech Republic

The Sedlac Ossuary, Czech Republic is one of a kind church which was built in 1400s and displays skeletons of over 40000-70000 people. The bone decorations were added by Frantisek Rint in 1870. These bones were of the bodies of the people who wanted to be buried in the cemetery of the church.

The decorations have a chandelier made from bones of an entire body and a coat of arms for the Schwarzenberg family. The bones are arranged in skilled manner and artistically. The church administration believes that the church respects the wishes of the dead by allowing the bones to rest in peace near the holy soil.

The Sedlac Ossuary Czech Republic

Image Source: www.travelmint.com

4 Les Catacombes, France

Les Catacombes in France is a popular tourist place, which houses bodies and skeletons of people who were formerly buried in the Cemetery of the Innocents near Saint-Eustache in central Paris. These people were in the cemetery for 1000 years, before it was declared a health hazard and bodies were relocated. 6 million bodies were relocated from 1786-1860.

Now, these bodies are on display within the 200 miles of tunnels beneath the city. Some places are off limit to tourists and it is not socially acceptable to go without permission in those restricted places.

Les Catacombes France

Image Source: www.ancient-origins.net


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