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10 Body Language Expressions That Can Reveal If You Have Chosen the Wrong Partner

By Andrew Alpin, 24 February 2022


8Constant overthinking and overanalyzing


Overthinking, overanalyzing, and constant questioning are somebody language expressions that can tell you if you’ve made the wrong choice in a mate. You don’t need to scrutinize your partner’s every word or deed in a good relationship. There is no future in a relationship if you have doubts or distrust your partner.

Constant overthinking and overanalyzing

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9A scowl on the face


Findings from Professor John Gottman’s research demonstrate that contempt is one of the main reasons that contribute to divorce. An obvious sign of criticism and accusation is a set of furrowed brows producing a scowling facial expression. Gottman claims the following: “No one likes to be criticized. When a person notices their partner’s disapproving look, they try to defend and protect themselves.” Then there are the additional issues that arise from these kinds of circumstances.

A scowl on the face

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10If a girl is interested in you then she will drop these signs


You can tell she likes you if she fiddles with her hair while talking to you. She flirts without recognizing it at times. Keep an eye out for behaviors like running her fingers through her hair, twisting one of the braids around her finger, and so on.

When a girl is talking to you, you might catch a glimpse of her biting her lower lip, or she may apply her lipstick or lip-gloss in front of you. As it turns out, a woman’s mouth is like a sexual “instrument”, and all these tiny things she does are designed to pique your interest in her. They are indeed body language expressions that are conveyed as subtle hints that she wants your attention and is signaling that she is would like to get to know you better.

girl is interested

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