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10 Body Language Expressions That Can Reveal If You Have Chosen the Wrong Partner

By Andrew Alpin, 24 February 2022


4Putting distance in between each other


It is believed that some distance in love can make two people grow closer and fonder of each other. A lot of people say that it ruins relationships. But in this case, it’s not about being in a long-distance relationship. It’s more about having some physical distance or space while standing, sitting, or walking next to each other. Apparently, 0 to 18 inches is the ideal intimate zone between two people. Suppose your partner becomes emotionally or physically distant, no longer wants to hold your hand, and tries staying further away from you. In that case, it’s usually time to reassess the relationship and why you’re together. Body language expressions like these can tell you whether your partner is still into you or is losing interest.

Putting distance in between each other

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5Slaps on the back in good spirit


If you need encouragement or support, your friend can give you a friendly smack on the back. However, most individuals you’re close to will prefer to give you hugs over slaps. The truth is, your spouse or partner and you are not teammates; you are two people who care about each other. So, if they give you a friendly slap on the back rather than a hug, it could mean that they aren’t particularly close to you.

Slaps on the back in good spirit

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6Striking closed-off poses


When a person crosses their legs, it is an indication that they have no connection with their spouse or partner. Hands in the pockets crossed arms, and legs are all body language expressions that show that a person no longer cares about their relationship or never had any interest, to begin with.

Striking closed-off poses

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7A shift in tempo


Gait synchronization is a small detail, but it’s significant since it shows how well two people are in tune with one another. Unconsciously, people who are close to each other tend to walk at the same pace. It’s possible that a lack of harmony will lead to issues in a relationship.

A shift in tempo

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