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15 Stories Proving That The World is a Place Where Kindness and Compassion Still Exist

By Meera Kaushal, 23 June 2018


One of the worst things that we do to ourselves is that we get affected by all the negativity of the world and stop looking at the things that show the kind and compassionate side of people. This tendency then clouds our vision of living in a humane environment and all we feel that there is nothing good in this world. But, this is far from the truth as we have people around us who keep doing things for others and make us believe that compassion still exists. When we can deliberately look at the bright side of the world, we can do our bit of spreading positivity around and thus making the world a much better place to live.

Take a look at these 15 stories that are going to change your perspective:

1Saving life


This man found a bag in the trash can and found something important. What he did next was that he traced the owner and returned the bag to him, which eventually save the owner’s life. There were important documents in the bag and his scheduled heart surgery couldn’t have taken place without these documents. Unknowingly, this man saved someone’s life by just doing what he thought was right at that time.

Saving life

Image Source: brightside.me

2A line of trucks


This particular scene happened in the US, where a man wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. Something unbelievable happened at this location as almost 13 trucks lined up under the bridge so as to save that person’s life. A group of people did what was necessary at that moment to show him that his life was precious and he could not die under their watch for sure.

A line of trucks

Image Source: tribunist.com

3The best neighbor around


Just read what’s written on the note in the picture and you will know what we mean. I so wish that every neighbor was like this person. Truly, who thinks this much about anyone around them, but here we have a pure soul who did what was right and made an impact.

The best neighbor around

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com

4Small notes of happiness


Being a source of inspiration in this world is a great thing and one doesn’t need to be a top-notch motivational speaker to do that. This mailman here does his job while passing on some sweet little notes of happiness by writing them and dropping in people’s mailboxes randomly.

Small notes of happiness

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com



You must be wondering what exactly is happening in this photograph. Well, the woman was trying to commit suicide and just then God sent this police officer to the spot. He handcuffed himself to the lady and threw away the key. Yes, you read that correctly! This is what he did to make sure that she hangs onto her life by just being there for her.


Image Source: scoopwhoop.com


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