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She Was Born With Cerebral Palsy and Not Expected To Survive But How She Looks Now is Absolutely Stunning

By Andrew Alpin, 8 May 2017


Meet Mariana Sfakianakis. At first glance this instagram model would seem like any young gorgeous wannabe social media star. She could be no different than the dozens of young beauties out there but is she!! When you learn about Mariana Sfakianakis and what she went through as a child, you’ll respect the courage of this young woman and the challenges she has faced to look this way.

You see, this young stunner and model born with cerebral palsy was not expected to live. Doctors predicted that as a fetus, she would die. If this doesn’t impress you, then what will?

1 A beautiful Instagram model but she didn’t always look like this


Today Mariana Sfakianakis has grown to be a beautiful and stunning young social star with 52,000 subscribers on her account. All of them know the huge secret Mariana has shared with them and how she faced the grimmest stages of life as a child. Today she is gorgeous but that wasn’t always so.

Mariana Sfakianakis instagram model

Image Source: www.instagram.com/p/BSaAJWrDQOs/

2 Doctors predicted she would die. She was born with a risk of cerebral palsy


When Mariana’s mother was pregnant, Doctors felt the fetus would be born dead. They didn’t even attempt to save her. Fate decreed otherwise and Mariana was born a premature baby. Because of poor medical supervision, she was deprived of oxygen at birth and risked contracting brain damage. The lack of oxygen resulted in a condition of cerebral palsy which she mentions in her Instagram account smoking guns. However, Mariana survived.

As a child, she was gravely ill. If you see these photos of her childhood, it would be impossible to believe it is the same young woman. She was an exhausted young girl who lived in a wheelchair and suffered several physiological problems. She was different from other kids and couldn’t even walk like a normal child.

Model with cerebral palsy



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