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15 Stories Proving That The World is a Place Where Kindness and Compassion Still Exist

By Meera Kaushal, 23 June 2018


6The hearty donation

Carol Suchman of New York actually bought an entire toy shop that had declared its bankruptcy. People may have thought that she wanted to save the toy shop per se, but what she did was even more special. She took all the toys from the shop and donated them all to children living in foster care.

The hearty donation

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7The human chair

Standing for a long period of time becomes a task for the elderly. When a few people were stuck in an elevator for hours, this college student volunteered to become a ‘human chair’, so that the elderly lady could sit and rest for some time.

The human chair

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8When kindness pays you back


The special thing about kindhearted people is that they do those acts of kindness without ever expecting anything in return, but that is when life gives them the sweetest gifts. A homeless man gave his last £3 to a girl who had lost her card so that she could get back home. The girl then spent 24 hours on the street along with some volunteers so that she could draw the attention of people on the lives of homeless and even started to raise funds for the homeless. She collected some £42,000 and gave money to that man and other homeless people.

When kindness pays you back

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9A truly caring heart

When you see young adults such as these in the world, you feel that the future of our planet is not so bad. Just how simplistically and amazingly she declared that she keeps batteries for her friend, in case of an emergency. Who does this sort of a thing in today’s world?

A truly caring heart

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Today’s young nurse Montana Brown fought cancer twice in a hospital; once when she was just 2 years old and again when she was 15 years old. Later, she decided to become a nurse and started serving in the hospital that had saved her life.


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