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The Youngest CEO’s prove that being a Genius knows no age

By Andrew Alpin, 5 April 2017


Can a genius be determined by age? When is too old or too young to be proved a genius? Two young boys from India have proved that age is not a factor when they became the youngest CEO’s ever at just 12 and 10 years old.

Yes Shravan now 16 and his 14 year old brother Sanjay Kumaran from Chennai, India aren’t just CEO’s of their company GoDimensions which they started in 2012; they are the world’s youngest mobile application developers in India and perhaps among the few youngest in the world.

1 Their first successful mobile app in 2012

Both Shravan and Sanjay are young budding geniuses. In 2102 they developed their first mobile application which was an instant hit. Since then there has been no turning back for these budding young entrepreneurs who have developed more than 11 mobile phone applications with more than 70,000 downloads.

The duo have been developing Android and iOS applications as well as a few Windows applications too. Buoyed by their initial success an iOS app called ‘catch me cop’ they formed their own company GoDimensions in 2012. Some of their later apps for iOS included, ‘Alphabets Board’, ‘Prayer Planet’ and ‘Car Racing’.

Shravan and Sanjay

Image Source: www.intoday.in


2 Their strongest pillar of support

Their strongest pillar of support has been their father Kumaran Surendran, an associate Vice President in Cognizant Technology Solutions. The duo now in their teens are as vibrant and ambitious as ever with an enterprising future ahead.

The two boys regarded as the youngest mobile application developers in 2012 have attributed their knowledge to extensive reading of books on programming and software technology as well as practicing problem solving from all of them.

Shravan and Sanjay with their parents

Image Source: www.intoday.in


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