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This couple with Down syndrome has proved everyone wrong. Find out how?

By Jatin Sharma, 8 April 2017


There is a notion amongst general public that people with learning disabilities and similar conditions should not marry each other. They believe that it is already difficult for them to live on their own, let alone living together.

But there is a shining example in front of them in the form of lovely couples who both have Down syndrome, and yet have immense love for each other. Not only that, they have been married for so many years that even their detractors have appreciated them. Here is their story.

1 The couple with Down syndrome and their love story


The story of Maryanne and Tommy Pilling started in 1995. Both Tommy and Maryanne suffer from Down syndrome and fell in love when they were young. Tommy and Maryanne both hail from Essex, England and dated for more than a year.

The couple with Down syndrome

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After Tommy was sure that Maryanne was the one, he asked her hand for marriage in presence of Maryanne’s mother, Linda. Tommy had proposed with a toy ring, but Linda took him to a store to help him buy a real engagement present.

Lindi, Maryanne’s sister said,” The day Maryanne met Tommy she came home with the biggest smile on her face. She couldn’t stop talking about him and asked if he could come for dinner. My mum immediately said yes but wanted them to do it properly so took him to a jewellery shop to buy a proper ring”

The couple with Down syndrome1

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Tommy and Linda got married in a church in Essex and fulfilled their dream of a white wedding for the bride. Families from both sides were supportive of this special couple. However, they were also criticized by many people around them who felt that two people with Down syndrome should not marry each other and such marriage would not survive.

Tommy and Linda

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