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This Bakery Hires People With Special Needs And The Reason Behind That Will Inspire You

By Jatin Sharma, 18 April 2017


People with special needs are getting more and more support from not only other people, but by foundations and organization working to get them involved more in the society. The special needs people just require some help to make them socially comfortable. They have skills and talents of their own.

One bakery has decided to give such people a helping hand and has given them not only employment, but something more than employment. Read to find out what?

1 The angel bakery

This bakery is located in the Vancouver Island, Canada and has become an internet sensation, since people have come to know they do a very special thing. The Mindful Mouthful Bakery, located in Duncan, British Columbia, currently employs 20 cooks with special needs. The bakery is run by non-profit Clements Centre Society. The cooks are developmentally challenged, but are known for cooking up some tasty batches of cookies, cakes and other sweet goodies.

The angel bakery

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However, the people behind hiring them just do not want to give special needs people jobs, but their motive is to do more for them.

Food with a purpose

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2 The reason for them hiring special needs people

Ed Clements Centre Society member Dominic Rockall says "it's a training kitchen for adults with developmental disabilities to teach them life skills [and] cooking skills." Earlier these cooks used to be volunteers and worked for free. But now they are paid for their works. The bakery receives a wage subsidy from the Vancouver foundation to pay the employs, but they hope to become self sustainable in three years.

Bakery staff with special needs

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Rockall explained, "It improves their self-esteem, their self-worth. People feel like, 'I'm worthy of being paid now for my work.” The bakery has got rave reviews for both their tasty meat pies and also for the grand gesture they have shown. They are hoping that all the local stores will be stocking their products on their shelves and in restaurants in the spring.

The staff have designed the labels on the packaging themselves and Rockall feels “As an added benefit, when they buy products from us with our name on it, they know that they’re supporting a great cause.”

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bakery staff with special needs working

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