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15 Stories Proving That The World is a Place Where Kindness and Compassion Still Exist

By Meera Kaushal, 23 June 2018


11True love

This may be the saddest story here, but we need to share it with you all for the love that this couple had for each other. Heather and David Mosher married right in the hospital where she was getting treated for cancer. And 18 hours later, the bride died. Nothing more I can say now apart from this, “Salute to the MAN.”

True love

Image Source: steemit.com

12In Loving memory of their Pet

The owners of the late dog kept a basket of balls on a beach so that other people could play with their pets. Read the whole message put up by the owners and you will know how much they loved their baby and how they remember him when he is no more with them.

In Loving memory of their Pet

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com

13The cutest couple


The lady here suffered a stroke, so severe that she lost her memory. The condition was so bad that she used to have difficulty in even reading. So, the husband took it upon himself to teach her how to read again and this is what one of their sessions looked like. Isn’t it the sweetest thing one can do for their partner at this age?

The cutest couple

Image Source: freeyork.org

14Free service

When every business just feels like it is out there to only take advantage of people, shops like this stand up and do something humane. Helping people have clean dresses for an interview where presentation matters a lot is really a big thing that the owners of this business have taken up.

Free service

Image Source: boredpanda.com

15Rescuing animals

This photograph was taken in the Marikina City of Philippines in 2012. The floods in the city had resulted in loss of life and property, but this man did a great thing for the animals he found in the flooded area. He took care that the puppies stayed safe in the house; even if it meant that he had to go through some difficult situations. Love for life (of any form) is the greatest love of all!

Rescuing animals

Image Source: boredpanda.com


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