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20 Photos That Define The Ups and Downs Of A Mother’s Life

By Meera Kaushal, 17 May 2018


Becoming a mother is the greatest joy that any woman can get but for enjoying this moment, a woman has to go through a lot, from carrying a life in her womb for nine months to bear severe pain while giving birth to the child. During these nine months, a woman’s body experiences many changes, her mood swings a lot, she has to take medicines and in some cases, she may be asked by her doctor to quit eating her favorite food items because it may not be suitable for a pregnant mother and her baby.

However, things are not easy even after she becomes a mother and she has to learn a lot while bringing up her child.

We are paying a tribute to the motherhood with 20 photos showing the problems faced by a mother but presented in a comic style:

1 When your kid sleeps in your lap


Making a toddler sleep is a pretty difficult task until and unless the kid is not tired and they normally sleep in the lap of mother. After that, the mother has to wait for a little so that the kid goes deep into sleep and she can put him on the bed but till then she is not in a position to move or hold on to something because she fears of the kid getting awake. 

When your kid sleeps in your lap

Image Source: newmomcomics.com

2A player comes alive in a mother


As the kids grow up, they tend to throw their belongings such as toys in the whole house and mother has to walk carefully saving herself from falling. The kids love teasing their mothers while eating food or when mom tries to apply cream or powder on their body. This is the time when a mother becomes a player as she has to run and catch her kid.

 Player comes alive in a mother

Image Source: scienceofparenthood.com

3When the teacher sends lice letter at home


This is something which is experienced by the mothers of daughters as they have long hair and sometimes these long hair become home to lice. Mother try their best to keep their daughter’s head clean but still when she gets a letter from the school asking her to clean her daughter’s head, she feels like this only.

When the teacher sends lice letter at home

Image Source: www.patreon.com

4Mothers are judged a lot


People tend to judge mothers a lot based on how they keep their kids, what she gives them to eat or buys for them, how she dresses them. But if a father is seen taking care of his kids, he very easily earns the title of a great father and people appreciate him, despite the fact that nobody takes care of the kid more than the mother. 

Mothers are judged a lot

Image Source: momcomic.com

5Old times were so good


During the phase when the kids are growing, they are naughty and tend to make a mess of the house so whenever mother picks up the old album and see how clean her house was when the kid was a toddler, she feels like this.

Old times were so good

Image Source: momcomic.com


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