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15 Signs That A Man Is A Father Material

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 26 May 2018


Parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities and it’s very necessary to make sure whether you and your man are ready to enter the phase of parenthood. Needless to say, every relationship requires love and attention but parenting is a 24*7 job, especially till the baby turns around 2 or 3. One needs to be prepared for it not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and financially. There are some qualities which should be in a couple for them to become good parents. A mother is not utterly responsible for taking care of a kid and father also has an equal share of duties.

Here we are going to discuss 15 qualities or signs which show that a man is a father material or ready to become dad:

1He is in a good relationship with his parents


A man who has good relations with his parents has better chances of becoming a good father because it is pretty evident that he has had a good childhood. As he has seen his parents trying their level best to take care of all his needs and keep him happy in his childhood, he would also like to give the same treatment to his kids and become a good father. 

Relationship with parents

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2He already loves kids


Whenever you have been to a party or get-together at the house of a friend or relative, you must have noticed whether he loves to play with children of other people and those children also start liking him or not. If the result is positive, it is an indication that he is going to be a good dad because he loves kids and likes to be around them. He also knows how to handle kids which can be considered one of the toughest jobs of the world. 

Father playing with kids

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3He is good at financial planning and thinks about the future


He is pretty aware about the need of financial planning and understands the importance and value of money. As kids grow, their expenses also grow so only a person who plans for future and makes provisions for expenses can be a good father. There are many responsibilities on the shoulder of a father and he should be well-prepared for each of them but that is not possible until he has planned for them. 

Financial planning

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4He is not short-tempered or doesn’t lose cool easily


There are times when kids are really irritating and the parents need to keep themselves calm and composed for handling them in a proper manner. Getting angry at the kids won’t be of any help; so if your boyfriend is a short-tempered person, you need to think twice before planning your future with him. Generally a person who doesn’t lose cool easily can be an ideal dad material. 

Shaving fun with kid

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5He is a patient person


You need to check whether your guy has patience or not. Handling a kid requires a lot of patience because they don’t like to listen to anyone and want all their demands to be fulfilled. He should have enough tolerance power to deal with them in a peaceful and apt manner. 

Patient person

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