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15 Unbelievable Rules Kim Jong-un Makes North Koreans Parents Follow

By KK Angus, 15 April 2018


Kim has the citizens of his country and even his own family following crazy rules, like a ban on YouTube and social media. But he has also set up strict rules for North Korean parents which they have to abide by.

It is important to note that almost all of North Korea is crumbling under tremendous poverty and most middle-class families live from paycheck to paycheck. To add to that, they have a government which is not just totally dictatorial but also toxic and does not pay any heed to their basic needs. The no social media rule, for instance, is something that distances North Korea from the rest of the world as they have no clue about what is going on outside. This doesn’t just take away their right to knowledge but also disables them in the face of a severe political threat from other countries. Here are some rules which Kim Jong-un’s North Korea imposes on parents.

1No fun is to be had on July 8th


On July 8th, 1994 Kim's father passed away and consequently North Koreans and their children are not supposed to have any form of fun on that day. Forget engaging in something happy, kids are instructed to not even smile on that day. In fact, talking loudly is also forbidden for kids and their parents. People basically have to display a sense of mourning.

North Korean kids forced into slave work

Image Source: nypost.com

2The kids have to eat the blandest food


North Korean kids obviously don't have options like Dunkin’ Donuts or Burger King or any chain retail store for that matter. Parents give their children the blandest and perhaps the most disappointing food a kid can ever have. Most North Korean children surviveNorth steady diet of pickled cabbage called Kimchi. Corn is also a huge part of their nutrition as it gives a lot of energy.

blandest food

Image Source: alexthespy.com

3The government dictates your haircut


Did you know unmarried women in North Korea can't grow their hair long? Men need to adhere to only the 28 haircuts which are approved by the government. In fact if one is seen sporting a cut that is not in the state approved list or is longer than 3 inches they can be punished. In fact spiked hair is also banned for kids and for adults.

official haircut north korea

Image Source: ww.thesun.co.uk

4The unthinkable manual labour


Most North Korean kids are forced into manual labour and don't really get a say in the matter. And it's not light labour bit pretty heavy-duty stuff like building railroads or even building homes. It's of course not a secret that most of the children are malnourished. They are forced to do at least 8-10 hours of hard labour in spite of being hungry.

kids doing labor in north korea

Image Source: backtojerusalem.com

5Prison for religious freedom


While Buddhism reigns large in North Korea, any other form of religious practice is strictly forbidden. In fact if people are found pursuing any form of 'unauthorised' religious practice they can face severe punishment and even imprisonment.

Prison for religious freedom

Image Source: editorials.voa.gov


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