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15 Secret Details You Didn’t Know About Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding Dress

By KK Angus, 10 February 2018


Queen Elizabeth II got married to Prince Philip almost seventy years ago, in the famous site of Westminster Abbey. The most interesting monarch also had the most intriguing wedding ceremony. And while she was the centre of attention throughout, her wedding dress did steal some of her thunder - yes, it was that breathtaking.

15 Secret Details You Didn’t Know about Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding Dress

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The ivory coloured Chinese silk gown made with 10,000 pearls, had a 15-foot train and was inspired by Botticelli’s paintings. The crystals embedded in her dress were so stunning, that the British Royal household has a special place to showcase the dress’s many details.

Here are all the things you did not know about the Queen’s wedding attire

Queen’s wedding attire

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1The last-minute Royal Bride

The Queen, unlike several of today’s brides, only got to try on her wedding dress on her wedding day. The Royal family believed that wearing the wedding dress before the wedding was bad luck, and so Queen Elizabeth could not have a fitting prior to the main day. On her wedding day, some of her maids and two other Princesses helped her with her gown.

The last-minute Royal bride

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2Took more than 300 workmen

The Queen’s exquisite gown had a lot of delicate embroideries, especially in lace, which required extensive handiwork. More than 300 people worked on the gown, which was conceptualized by the Royal court dressmaker.

Took more than 300 workmen

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3Queens… they are just like us


Did you know Queen Elizabeth paid for her wedding gown with coupons? The Queen married just after the big war when Britain’s economy was in a dire condition. Buying a fancy, flamboyant wedding ensemble was out of question, even for the Queen. So, the British government provided the queen with clothing coupons, and she used about 200 of them to pay for her dress.

Queens… they are just like us

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