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15 Photos That Will Easily Vanquish Your Bad Mood

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 21 June 2018


Having a bad mood and having a bad day is not always the same thing. Having a bad day is often related to an event, but that’s not the case with a bad mood. Negative state of mind and worrying about things that we can’t change and problems we can’t solve is what creates a bad mood.

Unlike a bad day, we can all easily avoid a bad mood. All we have to do is change our state of mind from negative to positive. And in order to do that, we need just a bit of inspiration. Even though positive quotes work, it’s better sometimes to get inspiration from simple, funny and creative things.

The list you’re about to see is meant to vanquish your bad mood. All you have to do is review it, have a laugh and share the joy on social media with your close friends!

1When the pup is bored


Dogs are not like us in many ways. We do share plenty of similarities, but enjoying a nice evening in some pub is not one of them. Dogs like parks and walks and stuff like that. That’s something that they will never get bored of, but pubs are a different story. But there’s always a solution if you think hard enough. Like for example playing squirrel videos if your dog is bored in a pub.

When the pup is bored.

Image Source: bomba.com

2Can’t get rid of old habits


Getting rid of old habits sounds easy, but it’s not. Even if that means that you’ve leveled up in life, you’ll still have difficulties to get used to the new ways. Like the person in the picture above. He was probably a bike owner, and now he can’t get rid of the obvious habit.

Can’t get rid of old habits.

Image Source: taringa.net

3The official stamp licker


If someone you know is always finding excuses for not getting a job, just show them this picture. Jax (the pup from the picture above) is working as the official stamp licker at the post office in in the village of Portree, Scotland.

The official stamp licker.

Image Source: brightside.me

4Someone is still excited.


Material things will never bring true happiness in a life. Even if you can afford your dream car, it’s still just a car made of metal and plastic. It’s just an object and that’s not what true happiness is all about. However, material things can bring quite the excitement especially when they’re new. The person that owns the car above is clearly still super excited about the Mustang.

Someone is still excited.

Image Source: brightside.me

5Cats are weird


If you own a cat you probably wouldn’t agree that cats are weird. But if you own a cat and a dog you’ll get the point. It’s not like dogs are always logical, but it looks like cats don’t ever try. Or maybe they don’t care. Out of 7 available beds, the cat above finds the empty box the most comfortable place to sit in.

Cats are weird.

Image Source: recreoviral.com


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