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15 Photos That Will Easily Vanquish Your Bad Mood

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 21 June 2018


6The perfect security camera

Isn’t this the perfect security camera? There’s no camera in the world that can compare with the senses of a cat. But there’s a problem, a pretty obvious one. Your kitten wouldn’t care if someone is stealing your car. She’s on the lookout for other cats and mice as well.

The perfect security camera.

Image Source: teepr.com

7The special yoga teacher

We all act like we’re superior to animals just because we can think and question everything. But is that really the truth? We all taught yoga was invented by humans, but it seems like we haven’t really done enough research.

The special yoga teacher.

Image Source: steemd.com

8The uncomfortable stare


The first thing that comes to your mind when you see this picture is that this guy is clearly a freak. And that’s ok because he looks like one. He’s clearly staring at the guy who’s taking the picture, and that’s quite creepy. But he’s not really staring, he’s just put his sunglasses backward…

The uncomfortable stare.

Image Source: www.anabelmagazine.com

9A pretty dope t-shirt

It’s funny because it’s true. But it’s also a bit scary because it’s true. Which means you don’t want to mess with the Italians. Some people say it’s easier to face the cops than to face an Italian family. But we don’t know that, because we simply love Italians!

A pretty dope t-shirt.

Image Source: brightside.me

10The one-sided love story

Onions are tasty, but they also makes us cry. Which means we only love them because they’re delicious…and that’s not fair. If we don’t like and fully appreciate onions, that doesn’t mean that onions don’t like us!

The one-sided love story.

Image Source: bomba.com


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