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14 Photos that Changed How We See The Earth and The Universe

By Christopher Paul, 14 June 2018


6The Launch Of Falcon 9


On the 6th of March 2018, SpaceX’s 50th Falcon 9 rocket launched a bit after midnight on a Tuesday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with Hispasat 30W-6 satellite. The satellite accompanying the rocket was the biggest one that Elon Musk’s company had ever launched into orbit.

The Launch Of Falcon 9

Image Source: qz.com

7The Eruption Of Sarychev Peak


Located on the Matuna island which is a part of the Kuril island, The Sarychev Peak has erupted 11 times in the past 250 years. This eruption image was taken from space by the International Space Station in 2009. This eruption was so powerful that it caused the shore to extend by half a kilometre.

The Eruption Of Sarychev Peak

Image Source: wikimedia.org

8Mars, 50 Million Miles Away From Earth


In May of 2016, the red planet Mars was the closest it ever was to earth. Around 50 million miles or 80 kilometres the red planet could be seen via the Hubble Telescope. This image shows us the red planet from a new perspective.

Mars, 50 Million Miles Away From Earth

Image Source: medium.com

9The Latest Picture Of Jupiter


We all have seen pictures of Jupiter in our science books since kindergarten but the latest picture is stunning. Taken in May 2018 the picture shows a giant red spot that scientists believe to be a non-stop storm. Scientists believe that this picture shows Jupiter in its natural colour and will help them study it better.

The Latest Picture Of Jupiter

Image Source: knowridge.com

10The Veil Nebula


This remnant of a supernova is approximately 1,470 light-years away from us. It is so huge that despite being so far away from us it is still 5 times bigger than our moon. It is so big that scientist had to divide it into sections and name it.

The Veil Nebula

Image Source: static.vix.com


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