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15 People Who Went Through Surprising Transformation. It’s Hard To Recognize Them Now

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 10 June 2018


To live a happy and long life, it is very necessary for a person to be fit and fine. However, our unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits are making sure that we remain far from the notion of being fit. There is no denying the fact that obesity supports other illness and if you really want to live a confident, happy and dynamic life, you have to say goodbye to the extra fat in your body.

Keeping oneself motivated is the biggest challenge in this journey of weight-loss and when you find it difficult to keep your motivational level high, just visit the page where you can find the stories of weight-loss transformation of other people.

Here we have listed 15 people whose weight-loss journey can inspire you to a great extent:

1Keoni Hudoba


Keoni is presently a master trainer at Barry’s Boot Camp but earlier he was a stage performer and an opera singer. However, he was rejected a lot in the auditions and it was during the audition at Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia for opera when he faced the harsh truth of his life. The casting director told him that the cause of rejection is not his voice but obesity.

Keoni decided to do something about it and he hit the gym. He got so engrossed in achieving fitness goals that now the gym is his stage and he is quite a great performer as he has lost more than 140 pounds.

Keoni Hudoba

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

2Helen M. Ryan


Helen who was a fitness trainer in her early 20s started eating a lot of junk food as she was going through unhappy marriage with two small kids and eating sugary fat and carbs made her feel happy. In 2003, she realized after the demise of her father that she just can’t live like this as an overweight person and she slowly started her fitness regime.

She has lost 80 pounds since then and has become fearless, has turned into a fitness trainer and has also written books.

Helen M. Ryan

Image Source: s-i.huffpost.com

3Ben Whalen


Ben got the biggest setback of his life when in March 2015, after the routine check-up, his doctor gave him a pamphlet which was about bariatric surgery. Ben’s doctor suggested him this surgery for weight-loss as he was 390 pounds at that time. He decided to hit the gym and switched to healthy diet. By January 2016, his weight was 205 pounds after losing 185 pounds. Well, that’s an amazing transformation, isn’t it?

Ben Whalen

Image Source: www.mh.co.za

4Scott Thompson


Scott was earlier an athlete and loved to play sports but a knee injury in the college brought a halt to his athleticism. He used to sit behind a desk, eating a lot of food which resulted in a gain of 120 pounds in 6 years. Scott became the target of his family and friends who always made fun of his weight until he decided to do something. As per Scott, the hardest part of the weight-loss regime is committing and not knowing how to work out or what to eat. He also emphasized on the need of a workout partner as it makes the workout a little enjoyable. He lost 120 pounds to get this toned look.

Scott Thompson

Image Source: pinimg.com

5Nancy Anne Martin


Nancy saw her mother suffering from health problems as she didn’t take care of herself properly. Nancy didn’t want to face such a situation and never wanted her kids to see her in this position. It was then that she decided to work on her body and lost 49 pounds to look slim and hot.

Nancy Anne Martin

Image Source: www.shape.com


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