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15 People Who Went Through Surprising Transformation. It’s Hard To Recognize Them Now

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 10 June 2018


11Pat Barone

Pat was taking anti-depressant pills and one day she realized that the reason of her depression is her over-eating habits. As per Pat, anybody can lose weight but it is more important to understand yourself, your fears, values, motivations and the purpose of life. She lost 92 pounds since then and now she is a healer who helps other people.

Erika Nicole Kendall

Image Source: www.shape.com

12Geaux Anne

Geaux used to weigh 260 pounds but in the last 2 years, she has lost 130 pounds, proving herself as the best example for “Obesity to Bodybuilding”. She reduced the intake of carbohydrates to a great extent and also underwent IF as well as HIIT for losing weight. After she achieved her goal of weight-loss, she started the weight training.

Pat Barone

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13Reddit user Smithersboss


We have heard many times that hard work and patience pay off; in the same manner, sobriety, diet, and exercise have also paid off for the Reddit user Smithersboss. He used to weigh 360 pounds and after 18 months of hard work, he lost 170 pounds which brought his weight to 190 pounds.

Reddit user Smithersboss

Image Source: redditmedia.com

14Reddit user viperstrike05

This Reddit user lost 76 pounds in 17 months and the best advice that he got was “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. As per him, small changes in life can bring big results; it’s a long process like a marathon and not like a sprint. Quitting soda also helped him a lot and improvement was quite visible in two weeks.

Reddit user Smithersboss

Image Source: 5funfacts.com

15 Reddit user J. Michelle

The pretty woman lost 43 pounds by making healthy food and exercises a part of her lifestyle. She was not much comfortable in a bathing suit earlier but now it’s no more a problem for her. She ate 1400-1700 calories per day and her fitness regime included exercising 3 times a week, swimming, climbing and running 5 kms.

Reddit user J. Michelle

Image Source: reddit.com



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