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15 People Who Went Through Surprising Transformation. It’s Hard To Recognize Them Now

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 10 June 2018



The singer-songwriter Cinderose is a vegetarian who tracks everything that she eats and usually, she has her first meal of the day at noon. She makes sure that she gets enough protein and has lost 35 pounds in 3.5 years. She got the motivation to lose weight from Reddit where she later posted this before-after photo of herself.

singer-songwriter Cinderose

Image Source: redditmedia.com

7Angel Rodriguez

Even his mother was not able to recognize him when he met her after seven months. During this period, Angel worked on his body, lost 121 pounds of fat and put on solid muscle of 20.5 pounds. Angel’s wife Gigi also played a great role in his weight-loss journey by making sure that he ate healthy.


Image Source: hips.hearstapps.com

8Angelique Millis


She was a big emotional eater so she used to eat a lot whether she felt sad, happy or stressed. But she also felt embarrassed when she had to ask for dresses of larger size from the salespeople. Then came a moment when she realized that if she didn’t reduce her weight, her health will suffer big time. Since then she has changed her lifestyle and eating habits; she has lost 40 pounds and now she is a fitness expert.

Angel Rodriguez

Image Source: angeliquemillis.files.wordpress.com

9Shannon Julia

Her confidence was pretty low as she was unhealthy and overweight from a young age and she knew that it has to be changed soon. She joined a big gym despite the fact that she was afraid of going to the gym and spent a huge sum on the membership fees, something she regrets till now. Then she joined a small gym near her house and fortunately, she got the guidance of some fitness experts there and since 2008, she has lost nearly 85 pounds.

Angelique Millis

Image Source: sjfitnesssolutions.com

10Erika Nicole Kendall

Erika lost 165 pounds by joining healthy eating habits with regular workout. She underwent high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which not only allows the calories to burn but also develops the muscles that are needed to give the body a toned look. What’s more, HIIT also helped her in sustaining the weight-loss.

Shannon Julia

Image Source: twimg.com


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