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15 Reasons Which Might Make You Question The Parenting Skills Of The Obamas

By KK Angus, 27 March 2018


You might think Barack and Michelle Obama are the most successful parents. Not only have they brought up two wonderfully accomplished children but have done so while being President and First Lady. While it must be difficult to raise teenage girls one obviously must be extra careful if their children are in the limelight at all times. While Malia and Sasha Obama have almost never had a misstep, somewhere along the line they might have had to grow up sooner than usual. Could their parents have helped out more? Let's find out

1Phones -  only for weekends


Phones are a huge part of our lives, and especially for teenagers, it might just be their whole life. From connecting with friends to keeping up with the world a phone is, of course, the most helpful item. But the First Daughters, Malia and Sasha were banned from using phones while in the White House. They were only allowed to use phones on weekends especially after they turned teenagers. While screen time should be monitored for children,  the no-phone policy is a bit too much

Phones -  only for weekends

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2Sasha needed to have a low-paying job


Did you know Sasha Obama, the youngest Obama kid had to work at a really low-wage job just because her mother wanted her to know how the common American lives and earns? Sasha was just a child when she started out and worked a scrappy job at a takeout joint, while Malia's first job was at a fancy TV show set. This hardly seems fair to Sasha.

Sasha needed to have a low-paying job

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3No fun clothing


It was assumed that America’s First Daughters would always be incredibly and yet conservatively dressed. Sasha and Malia were mostly seen in skirts blouses, trousers and leggings and of course, no skin show was allowed. This might have put a dampener in the teenager's lives as millennials nowadays have incredible wardrobes and get to experiment with all sorts of clothes. Malia and Sasha might have felt left out.

No fun clothing

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