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13 Common Myths And Misconceptions About Devices We Continue To Believe

By Andrew Alpin, 1 April 2018


As advanced as it may be, technology is also highly confusing. We purchase phones taking into account different criteria based on our own individual needs. Some buy a phone for a faster processor; others purchase one for camera quality while others do so for memory. But in our quest for the latest features, we end up misunderstanding how they actually work and what impact they actually have on the activities we want to perform with the device. Sometimes, it doesn’t work the way we feel it should and all because of our own misconceptions about devices. The internet is no help and confuses people endlessly with innumerous reviews contradicting each other. But let’s take look at the most common misconceptions myths about devices and how they work.

1Myth 1: More megapixels means better pictures


This myth I stopped believing years ago when my 2 MP Motorola took some fabulous pictures as opposed to the latest smartphones with 16 mp cameras. There is hardly a difference. The amount of megapixels does not influence a camera’s picture quality nor enhances the beauty of a photo.

 More megapixels means better pictures

Image Source: Tasta.ro

Megapixels only increase image size


Megapixels only increase the size of images and there are other factors that impact the quality of a picture like sensor size, optics and light. The most important one is light. With sufficient light, your Smartphone camera will give you excellent pictures as opposed to low light situations. This is why outdoor pictures are always sharper with excellent clarity than indoor ones irrespective of your phone being an 8 megapixel or 16-megapixel phones. 

Megapixels only increase image size

Image Source: www.imore.com

2Myth. 2: Don’t leave your phone charging overnight or the battery will get damaged


All modern smartphones have Lithium-ion batteries. Once they are fully charged, they will stop drawing power and charging. However, once the phone is done charging, it may draw a bit of power which means the only reason why you should disconnect your phone is to conserve energy and not because of battery damage. 

Lithium-ion batteries

Image Source: pcmag.com

3Myth 3: If your reception is good, you get better sound quality


A good indication of reception or signal doe does not necessarily mean your phone is going to give you excellent sound clarity. The indicator only shows signal strength. It is not a representation of internet speed or sound quality. If there are innumerous phones using the same signal, you may also have bad reception even with a full signal. 

better sound quality

Image Source: www.thenextrex.com

4Myth 4: Viruses don’t attack Mac computers


No computer is ever safe from viruses unless they have firm anti viruse software in place. There are various theories doing the rounds why Macs are immune to viruses. Virus creators usually create a virus intended for windows which is the most popular operating system and this could have been the only reason why Mac Computers don’t get affected much with viruses, it does not mean the machine itself is immune to an attack. If a Mac virus happens to attack a machine, it will also malfunction like all others. 

Viruses don’t attack Mac computers

Image Source: www.gumtree.com


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