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This Man Lost 70 Pounds and Looks Like A Disney Prince Now. Internet Is Going Crazy For Him

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 16 May 2018


There is no denying the fact that in comparison to the older generations, the younger generation is more aware about the importance of fitness and keeping themselves in shape. Being fit is a regular process and an individual constantly needs to focus on his/her exercise as well as diet regime to keep the body in a great shape.

However, there are times when the person who is undergoing the fitness regime gets bored or lacks motivation to carry on further. During this period, stories of those who have transformed their lives by constantly working hard without stopping before achieving their aim serve as motivation. Today we are going to tell you about one such person who has turned out to be so dashing after losing weight that people have started calling him a Disney Prince.

1 Meet the man himself


Jeffrey Kendall, the 26 years old resident of Connecticut, was over-weight, unemployed and depressed 2 years ago. In fact, he told that as the winter and holidays came, he started gaining weight and then in the beginning of 2016, Jeffrey’s weight was all-time high while his self-esteem and self-respect were all-time low. 

Jeffrey Kendall

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2An overweight youngster


Jeffrey has been an overweight youngster and all his life, he has been facing issues related to body-image and confidence. He was also bullied because of his weight which further had an adverse impact on his self-esteem. School authorities should make sure that no kid gets body-shamed as the scars of such incidents never get wiped off. 

Jeffrey has been an overweight youngster

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3Tragedy stuck his life


On July 4, 2015, Jeffrey’s mother suffered a brain aneurysm and this was when he came to take care of her. Jeffrey told that for 7 months, his mother was in coma and rehab hospitals. The doctors felt that she reached a stage where there would be no improvement in her condition and the insurance would also not cover her anymore. 

Tragedy stuck his life

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4Friend came after a heart-breakup


As Jeffrey was taking care of his sick mother, a friend of him who had a break-up and was very sad came to meet him and asked him to join the fitness regime. Initially, the friend wanted Jeffrey to help him in his workout but later on, the latter also got completely involved. 

Friend came after a heart-breakup

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5He started exercising with his friend


Jeffrey’s friend involved him in his exercise regime for assistance but no one knew that it was the beginning of a new life for Jeffrey. He walked on a new path that he never knew would change his life for better. He and his friend started with a light barbell workout along with few pushups every day. 

Jeffrey’s friend

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