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This Man Lost 70 Pounds and Looks Like A Disney Prince Now. Internet Is Going Crazy For Him

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 16 May 2018


6He gets into the groove

As a result of work-outs, Jeffrey began to wake up earlier than before and go for morning walks. Later he indulged in jogging and then sprints as well. For 2 years, the guy maintained this healthy regime and his hard work indeed paid off as he lost 70 pounds, which is a milestone in itself. 

Man look like disney prince

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7Transformation is surprising

We don’t want to say that Jeffrey didn’t look good earlier but his looks were just awesome after he went through an unbelievable transformation. Now he looks like a model and his social media accounts are flooded with positive messages. This all can naturally fill any person with immense confidence and Jeffrey was no exception to it. 

Jeffrey Kendall looks like disney prince

Image Source: www.instagram.com


8YouTube helped a lot


Jeffrey surfed YouTube and found that it is a great source of free videos on work-out. Moreover, the fitness trainers or gurus not only teach about exercises and diet regime but also tell how to accept yourself the way you are and love yourself. This definitely boosts self-confidence, doesn’t it? 

Jeffrey surfed YouTube

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9Yoga with Adriene

He is pretty impressed with Adriene whose Yoga videos teach yoga techniques as well as provide a great platform for self-love. Yoga has played an important part in Jeffrey’s incredible weight-loss journey and now it is a part of his daily routine.

Yoga with Adriene

Image Source: coolerlifestyle.com

10Healthy diet

Jeffrey says that healthy and good diet is absolutely necessary with work-out for losing weight. At the same time, he mentioned that motivating yourself for not eating a cookie is far easy than running a mile so a person should try to motivate himself/herself to eat healthy to stay fit. 

Jeffrey Kendall transformation

Image Source: www.instagram.com



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