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This Man Lost 70 Pounds and Looks Like A Disney Prince Now. Internet Is Going Crazy For Him

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 16 May 2018


11His own diet

As he gives a lot of importance to diet, it’s quite natural that he must be taking care of what he eats. He says that he is never strict about his diet but keeps a track of the calories that he intakes and lives life with a degree of moderation. 

jeffery look like disney prince

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12Cut out his habit of late-night snacking

Jeffrey was habitual of late-night snacking which is a very bad habit and it increases a person’s weight. To control this habit, he started taking dinner a little later and hence, he was able to stop himself from having snacks late night. Jeffrey says that along with what you eat, when you eat is also important, so keep a check on both. 

Jeffrey transformation

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13His resemblance with Disney Prince


Jeffrey shared his before-after photos on a social media network with the caption which said that he has lost a lot of weight, sadness and little bit of facial hair and gained new appreciation for life. He also asked people to always love themselves. His post went viral and people started sending messages of support and love. Some of them even compared him with a Disney prince named Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast. We have to admit that Jeffrey resembles a lot to that Disney prince. Agree? 

His resemblance with Disney Prince

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14People are gushing over his hair too

Apart from Jeffrey’s facial features, people are also going crazy for his hair and asking which brand’s shampoo he uses in order to keep his hair so silky and free-flowing. In fact, few of them want him to be featured in a shampoo commercial as well. Great news, isn’t it? 

Jeffrey Kendall

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15Goodness always pays

People are praising Jeffrey and saying that he is a person with a beautiful heart as he came back to take care of his sick mother. Some are of the opinion that such a good thing has happened with Jeffrey because he took the decision of looking after his mother, a decision which is a tough one for anyone who is in his 20s.

 Goodness always pays

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We wish Jeffrey all the best for his future endeavors.


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