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40 Years Ago This Man Sold Everything To Buy A Cycle And Traveled 6,000 Miles To Meet His Love

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 28 May 2018


Whenever we talk of true love, most of us believe that it is a thing of past now and we can see it in the movies only nowadays. There is no doubt that majority of the youngsters do not take love seriously and change their partners in the blink of an eye. However, there are still few people left who think that true love does exist and if you have the passion to look for it, you will definitely meet your soulmate.

Today, we are going to share a beautiful love story of an Indian man and a Swedish woman who got united despite many problems and huge distance between them.

1Meet PK Mahanandia


The hero of our story is Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia, who took birth in an Indian family of untouchables in a remote village in 1949. His year of birth in his passport is 1951 but in reality, he was born in 1949. PK Mahanandia was a street artist and used to draw portraits of people. 

PK Mahanandia

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2The prophecy


In India, it is a common thing for parents of the new born kids to call astrologers at home and try to find what is in store for them in future. The astrologer said that Pradyumna won’t get married the traditional way as everyone does in the village. As per the prophecy, his woman will be from far-away land, she will born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, own a forest and must be a flute player. 


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3Earlier days of PK


PK’s father wanted him to pursue engineering as everyone of his age was doing at that time but PK’s cup of tea was art. Pradyumna was also not happy with the way society used to treat him and there came a moment in his life when he felt completely hopeless and wasn’t sure about his future.

Earlier days of PK

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4Suicide attempts


The phase of hopelessness was so disturbing that he decided to commit suicide. In his first attempt, he went to get run over by a train but the rail tracks were very hot and Pradyumna’s skin got burnt, prompting him to return. In his second attempt, he was stopped by police and sent home. 

The phase of hopelessness

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5Following his dreams


Pradyumna understood that he needed to run away from home to make his dream come true. He went to Santiniketan to enroll in Visva-Bharati University but the course was too expensive for someone who ran from home with Rs. 55 (less than $1). Someone advised him to go back and try to take admission in Khallikote College of Art and Crafts in Odisha because they teach high-performing students for free. But he moved to Delhi for taking admission in College of Art to study Fine Arts in 1971.

Following his dreams

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