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40 Years Ago This Man Sold Everything To Buy A Cycle And Traveled 6,000 Miles To Meet His Love

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 28 May 2018


11PK decided to go to Sweden

It was almost a year and a half that they both were communicating through letters but now it became very difficult for Pradyumna to live without her. So he decided to go to Sweden through the Hippie trail; nevertheless at that time, he confused Sweden with Switzerland. He sold everything that he had and bought a second-hand bicycle for Rs. 60 and started his journey on January 22, 1977. 

PK decided to go to Sweden

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12The long journey

He started his journey of nearly 6,000 miles and used to cycle almost 45 miles daily and sometimes, he took lift from truck drivers as well. He had a sleeping bag with the help of which he slept under the stars too, but mostly people invited him for food and lodging in return of their portraits. 

The long journey

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13His art helped him a lot


Throughout his journey, his art helped him a lot whether it was for shelter, food or money. People loved the portraits he drew and there was no need for him to touch the $80 with which he started his journey from India. In fact, when he reached Sweden, he had $800 other than his $80. 

Pradyumna drawing painting

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14Lovers reunited

They both cried and embraced each other when they met after such a long time. It was a completely new world for Pradyumna but still the parents of Charlotte liked him. Moreover, with this journey spanning over 8 countries, the man also proved his true love for Charlotte. These two showed the world that even long distance relationships work; you just need to be true to your love. 

Lovers reunited

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15They both got married

In 1979, they got married again in Sweden and since then, they have been a pillar of support for each other. They are proud parents of a son Siddharth and a daughter Emelie and till date, even after more than 40 years, Pradyumna feels a little surprised when people make his cycle journey look like a big deal because as per him, what he did was for love. 

Both got married.

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16Book written on PK and Charlotte


In 2017, J. Andersson wrote a book on PK Mahanandia titled as “The Amazing Story of the Man Who Cycled from India to Europe for Love”. The book which has been translated in 15 languages has also won the Marco Polo Outstanding General Travel Themed Book of the Year award. A movie can also be made on PK’s story and as per reports, the lead may be played by Dev Patel.

Book written on PK and Charlotte

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True love still exists!


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