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40 Years Ago This Man Sold Everything To Buy A Cycle And Traveled 6,000 Miles To Meet His Love

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 28 May 2018


6Became street artist to make ends meet

He became a street artist and used to draw portraits of people to make his ends meet but police used to put him in the lock up. However, Pradyuman liked to go to the police station as there he got free food and a place to sleep. This was the period when he learned a lot about life. Somehow he also managed to make portraits of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Vice President B. D. Jatti, and also cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. 

Became street artist to make ends meet

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7The prophecy comes true

It was December 17, 1975, when a 19 years old blonde-haired girl walked towards Pradyumna who was sketching portrait. She was curious to know how he could make such exact portraits in just 10 minutes. When Pradyumna saw her, he got mesmerized and felt as if her big blue eyes were not just looking at him but seeing inside him like an X-ray. 

The prophecy comes true

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8Pradyumna couldn’t even make portrait


Pradyumna got so much engrossed in the beauty of the girl from Sweden named Charlotte Von Schedvin that he couldn’t even make her portrait on the first day. He asked her to come back which she did and this time he drew the portrait. When she returned on the second day, Pradyumna felt as if she is the one about whom the prophecy was made. Somehow he gathered courage and asked her about her zodiac sign, ownership of jungle and playing a flute. She told that her zodiac sign is Tauras, she is the owner of jungle and she does play flute as well as piano. 

Pradyumna with wife

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9PK met his love

Pradyumna told her that they were destined to meet and it was decided in heaven. Charlotte didn’t understand in the beginning but she gave the young man a chance and then one thing led to other. They both fell in love, Pradyumna took her to his village and in a tribal ceremony, they both got married. 

PK met his love

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10Time to separate

Charlotte had to return and a year was left for Pradyumna’s course to complete, so now they were in touch with the help of letters. Charlotte had planned to return in August 1976 but her mother asked her to check whether the connection is real and to keep on communicating through letters. 

.pradyumna-kumar-mahanandia with his wife

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