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16 Incredible and Helpful Body Hacks That You Should Know To Live A Better Life

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 25 May 2018


The human body is a very complex mechanism and it’s pretty difficult to understand its working style. However, the functioning of our bodies is getting harmed because of our hectic lifestyles, irregular and unhealthy eating habits, drinking habits and lack of physical activities.

This calls for a quick action as our body is the only place for our soul to live-in and everyone needs to follow healthy lifestyle if we want our body to remain free from illness. Having said that, we also know that we can’t change our lifestyle completely within few hours, we will need a considerable amount of time for changing gears but till then, some awesome body hacks can be followed which can improve the situation for us:

1Get rid of hiccups

Hiccups can be very inconvenient as they come in quick successions and they may make us feel embarrassed, if we are with other people, especially from our workplace. To get rid of hiccups, first inhale deep, hold our breath and then exhale through your nose and you will see that hiccups are gone. Another method of getting rid of hiccups is to drink a glass of water quickly. 

Get rid of hiccups

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2Prevent acidity

There should be at least 3 hours of difference between the time you take dinner and the time when you go to sleep and also try not to have very heavy and spicy meals in the night. However, if any day you get late in having dinner and the meal is also spicy, lie down on your left side to prevent acidity. 

Sound sleep

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3Improvement in hearing


Now this one is quite surprising and we are sure you will try to use it as soon as possible. You should use your right ear for listening conversations as it can hear and understand the rhythms of speech better than the left ear but then the left one is better in recognizing musical tones. So remember right ear for hearing conversations while left one for hearing music. 

Improvement in hearing

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4To decrease the stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become parts of our lives despite the fact that we all know that they are very harmful for us. If you want to reduce the stress and anxiety, put your thumb in your mouth but don’t suck it. Instead, blow it and let the cheeks puff out too. With this method, you can get rid of stress for some time at least. 

Decrease the stress and anxiety

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5Remove the song from brain

There are times when we listen to a song and then that song is played continuously in our mind and all our attempts to forget it or letting it go, fail. In order to get rid of that song which is continuously getting played in our brain, we need to do one thing and that is chewing a gum. 

Girl chewing gum

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