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10 Facts About Mayonnaise That Will Blow You Away

By AK, 15 July 2019


Mayonnaise is like the universal language of sandwiches. Yes, it is that cool. Guess what? Chicken sandwich won’t be chicken sandwich without mayonnaise. Not just that, it is also a universal dip. When you would not go for cheese or barbecue dip, your taste buds probably long for the plain, tasty mayo.

How do we define mayonnaise? Aside from it’s a spread, a dip, and a condiment.

1Mayonnaise Is An Emulsion

Mayonnaise is an emulsion formed by oil, vinegar or lemon juice, egg yolks, and other seasonings. It is a thick sauce that can be used as a dressing. We know very well that oil doesn’t mix with water. They can be combined with stirring, but later on, they depart from one another.

This is where emulsification comes in. The process involves a machine that does the work of producing a homogeneous mixture. Ginhong mixers suspend the particles of the former ingredient into the phase of the latter - making them one. Emulsifiers are added to stabilize the new substance. Lecithin is a fat emulsifier present in egg yolks which act as emulsifiers of the mayonnaise. Other sauces like tartar sauce and salad dressings include mayonnaise as the base ingredient.

Mayonnaise Is An Emulsion

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2X Amazing Facts About Mayonnaise

Now that you have understood what mayonnaise is and how it’s made, let’s jump into the most-awaited part! These awesome facts about mayonnaise will leave you impressed.

3Mayonnaise was initially named as “Mahonnaise.”


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the current name “Mayonnaise” of the sauce was accidentally acquired when a printing error occurred on an early cookbook in 1841. But initially, the name given to it was “Mahonnaise.” Sometimes, errors do something spectacular.

4The process of making mayo does not usually begin with eggs but with chickens inside laboratories

The eggs used in the making of mayo do not usually come from farm chickens but in hatcheries. In America, the largest hatchery is located in Iowa. It has its own in-house genetics team that guides the entire industry in the administering of DNA-based technology. For almost 21 days, these chickens that will lay eggs for the mayonnaise stay inside incubators (as eggs) before being hatched as chicks.

X Amazing Facts About Mayonnaise

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5Mayo is calorically dense

700 calories per 100 grams. Quite a lot, huh? Yes, mayonnaise is rich in calories. As a matter of fact, it is said that 31% of the calories and 60% of the fat in the chicken sandwich of Burger King solely come from mayonnaise.

61250 gallons of bad mayonnaise was turned into energy at Michigan State University


Instead of throwing them away as trash, the sustainability office of the Michigan State University made use of an anaerobic digester to turn 1250 gallons of spoiled mayonnaise into energy and power in the campus. Cool, right?

7One restaurant conducted a mayonnaise eating contest and whoever wins gets to visit Mexico

Who wants to join this dope contest? It’s an incredibly easy game! Call out your friends and start to hunt for another restaurant who holds a mayonnaise contest. They might even win a more grandiose prize! Or why not initiate a mayo eating contest at a family gathering or reunion? Sounds fun, isn’t it?

8Mayonnaise can be made without eggs

Eggs are one of the building blocks of mayonnaise. But another fact is that it’s actually possible to produce mayo without them. A lot of brands have been creating their own vegan version of mayonnaise. For example, Just Mayo by Hampton Creek. It made up of water, lemon juice, canola oil, white vinegar, and spices. They say it’s more sumptuous than mayonnaise - but still, filled with 90 calories per tablespoon.

If you want to achieve natural creaminess, you can use avocado, non-fat Greek yogurt or hummus, to escape from the bulk of calories.

Mayonnaise was initially named as “Mahonnaise.”

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9You can get rid of head lice by mayonnaise application


Mayonnaise is said to moisturize hair very well. It’s an effective hair conditioner. Commercial mayonnaise possesses a particular amount of vinegar enough to treat head lice. Goodbye, damaged hair!

10Some may not like mayo but it can still be present in their favorite foods

Some friends are just born as natural haters of mayo, right? On the side, USA former president Barack Obama is one of them. It’s funny because most of the time, they don’t realize they are actually consuming the sauce hidden deep within their favorite sandwiches, tuna rolls, burgers, and sushi. Let your non-mayo friends realize its tastiness by beguiling them with their favorite food (but with an unnoticeable amount of mayo inside). LOL!

11Mayo is the condiment choice for fries in the Netherlands (not ketchup).

People away from the Netherlands would be surprised to hear this. Ketchup always goes with fries! But it’s wonderful to know they try a different condiment. Why don’t you try it yourself and see why the Netherlanders prefer it.

12Mayo can make your houseplants shine for weeks!


Who loves to buy and decorate your homes with interior plants? It is quite challenging to take care of them and make them look really alive and healthy, but there’s this trick that you can use to increase their beauty. MAYONNAISE! Of course. It’s even applied by professional florists. Wash the leaves and put in mayo. Moms, try this and your plants will shine for a couple of weeks!

The process of making mayo does not usually begin with eggs but with chickens inside laboratories

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It’s fun to discover more odd and peculiar things about ordinary stuff. Mayonnaise is a sauce that’s widely consumed all around the globe but not everybody knows what other things it can do or where else it can be used for. We believe these facts are not only limited to 10. There are heaps of articles online about the powerful abilities and characteristics of mayo. We hope you enjoyed reading this one!


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