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15 Facts about Harley Quinn That Would Take You by Awe

By Meera Kaushal, 19 June 2018


Giving the perfect mix of emotions and maintaining a screen presence is what Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie is all about. She has pulled off her character in style and makes the viewers focus on her, every time she enters the scene in Suicide squad. Success, for an actor is based on how he/she connects with the audience. On watching how she carries herself throughout the movie, it is quite obvious that people wished to be as free-spirited and strong as Harley Quinn. Few facts that you would forgot to remember about Harley Quinn is right here.

1Animated series was where the character started from:


The character first appeared as a court jester in the Batman: Animated Series besides Joker. The creators of the series, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm got her inspired from a soap opera and created the character as the pair for “Mister J”, a casual walk-on role in the series. But, being a huge hit on how the character looked perfect in the harlequin outfit, she was included as a comic character.

Animated series was where the character started from:

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2She is a psychiatric doctor:


Forgetting the background, how the character performs on-screen stays in mind is something that works perfect for Harley Quinn. Most of us would have forgotten the fact that she is actually a doctor and became the psychiatrist for Joker after a lot of convincing and begging done with the superiors in the Arkham Asylum. Being interested in the patient, she devoted herself and went about him.Psychiatric doctor

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3Never knew that Harley had superpowers:


She is the character in the comics who doesn’t have a superpower and solely depends on her instinct, ability to fight and sharp mind. At least, that is how most people see her. This isn’t true and she does have a superpower. She got the power when Poison Ivy gave her a serum that gave her immunity against acids and toxins & also great agility making her unique as a character.

She is a psychiatric doctor:

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4Remember where joker was created from – the vat of chemicals:


One interesting fact about the mad love Harley has, for Joker is that she was created from the same Vat of chemicals where joker was created from. Suicide squad has this moment as one of the most memorable scenes. This is the point where the character desists from her psychiatric form to a super-villain. It is quite surprising that the chemicals had the same effects on Harley, as it had on Joker.

Vat of chemicals

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5Does Harley has something to do with the taking out of Robin:


There is one confusing yet important scene where batman finds a suit with the line “HaHa!! Joke’s on you batman!!” written in yellow. Guess what? That is the suit of Robin, Batman’s sidekick. This scene quite intimidates that Joker and Harley have taken out Robin. It is also regarded that Harley has a major part in this, making it a reason for the hatred Batman develops over Harley.

Taking out of Robin

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