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15 Surprising Facts about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson No Fans Can Ignore

By Andrew Alpin, 23 April 2018


Who doesn’t love “The Rock”. He is a lovable guy, after all, he is one of the most popular celebrities with a great smile to match. He has loads of charisma and an infectious personality that has earned him thousands of fans both on the WWE circuit and Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson is never out of the limelight because of his popularity and yeah!! There was also talk about him running for the presidency in 2020. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny, this man is the running high on stardom. Here are 15 facts that can be ignored about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

1He played football in college


That’s right, in college he was a football star and no wonder when he had a body like that. Johnson struggled when he was young and wasn’t a silver spoon celeb. Faced with eviction issues and financial problems, Johnson pursued his football career so that he could help his family. Moreover, he knew football was the only way he would get a college scholarship which he did for the University of Miami. 

rock  played football in college

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2Wrestling runs in his family


Johnson is a third generation wrestler. His grandfather Fanene Leifi Pita Maivia who used his stage name as Peter Maivia was a famous wrestler. The Rock’s father was also famous wrestling under the name Rocky Johnson. Johnson’s cousins and uncles were all involved in wrestling. It was only natural that Johnson followed suit and lived up to the family name. 

Wrestling runs in his family

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3His acting debut was on “that 70‘s show


Although he was most noted for his debut in “The Scorpion King”. Johnson’s original acting debut was in 1999 on TV in an episode of “that 70’s Show” playing his father Rocky Johnson. 

His acting debut

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4He made a record for highest salary for acting debut


Because he was already a star, Johnson was paid $5.5 million for his debut role as the Scorpion King in “The Mummy”. Since it went down really well with his fans, he even got an individual movie made just for him as the Scorpion King. With his first acting paycheck, Johnson now holds the Guinness world record for highest salary paid to a debut actor.

record for highest salary

Image Source: nocookie.net

5He sent a kid to a hospital by accident


As a sophomore in high school, he was made to shift with his family to Bethlehem Pennsylvania. He was 15 and an angry teen with raging hormones. He got into a fight with another student who had a special condition that Johnson was unaware of. Although the kid was a big made one like Johnson, his head hit the locker when Johnson hit him resulting in the boy being hospitalized. Johnson was expelled but was taken back when the boy recovered. He never fought again in high school. 

the rock visited hospital

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