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20 Facts You Must Know About Attila The Hun

By KK Angus, 14 February 2018


Attila, the Hun is not just a historical figure, but a legend all by himself. The Latin phrase Ego sum Attila flagellum Dei, which literally translates to “I am Attila, the scourge of God,” was popularized in 1387 to describe the barbaric tribal ruler. Famed for his lust for gold and love for conquering, Attila acquired a name in the same league as the dreaded Genghis Khan.

20 Facts You Must Know About Attila the Hun

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Attila was the ruler of the Eastern European nomadic tribes known as the Huns - he went on to become such a significant name in early European history, that he was referred to as The Hun. He gained a terrible reputation as a brutal and merciless invader, and some history books suggest that he ransacked and usurped Constantinople from his Roman kingdom, but that’s not entirely true. Here’s what you must know about the ruler of all Huns.

1Most feared


Attila’s reputation was not inherited - but acquired by relentless invasion. He was the only king from 434 AD-453 AD but went on to become one of the most feared rulers, especially among eastern and western European empires. Attila invaded and conquered the Balkans and also took Italy and Rome. He was one of the few early rulers who could manage to cross the Danube twice.

Most feared

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2His family was rich and prosperous


Unlike what most people believe Attila did not have an impoverished childhood and was born in a financially comfortable household. In fact, Attila and his older brother Bleda received princely training and were taught Latin and groomed in archery and riding.

His family was rich and prosperous

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There have been very few trustworthy accounts of what Attila really looked like. But King Priscus’s records show that Attila was a short man, but had a wide chest and large head. He had small eyes, a thin black and grey beard and his skin was tanned, just like that of his kinsfolk.


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4Royal connections


Attila’s father Mundzuc was a clan Chieftain and was a brother to the Hunnish kings Octar and Ruga. After the death of Ruga, Attila and Bleda were left with the responsibility of the Hunnic empire.

Royal connections

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5He killed his brother


Attila killed his own older brother Bleda to acquire the kingdom left to them both. According to King Pricus’s accounts, Bled was assassinated by Attila, after a long conspiracy in 445 AD.

He killed his brother

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