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This Dad Went On A School Trip With 60 Kids and Live-Tweeted The Horror. People Are Laughing Like Crazy At His Ordeal

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 29 May 2018


No one deserves to be praised more than the father who volunteered for taking his own 10 years old daughter along with her 59 classmates to a school trip to Kensington museum, Harlow.

The name of the father is Simon Smith and he live-tweeted the whole trip in more than 100 tweets including what all he went through on this trip, from bearing the awful smells to being called “Bruv” by a boy and dealing with some really annoying questions! His tweets soon went viral and his memorable trip became the source of entertainment for many.

Here is the not-so-happy dad who volunteered for the school trip and we suppose that he won’t be doing that ever again:

Not-so-happy dad

Image Source: essexlive.news

We are sharing some tweets of Simon Smith through which he has expressed his ordeal:

1Start of the day


The morning started nice with Simon tweeting at 8:40 am, talking about the formal procedure that he underwent of signing risk assessment and making a promise of not clicking any photo. It’s a trip to Science Museum and Simon was not aware at all how his life was going to change after this trip.

Start of the day

2Confused about toilet


Just after 7 minutes, each kid was asked to go to toilet before they board the coach despite the fact that none of them needed to go. It left Simon a little surprised as to what was the need of sending kids to toilet at that moment. However, soon he got to know about it.

Confused about toilet


3Got addressed as Bruv


Simon has six kids in his group and he finds it difficult to handle the crowd as one of the boys has called him “Bruv”. Bruv is a term used for addressing a man by a man and there is no chance that it can be used by a 10 years old kid for an adult.

Got addressed as Bruv

4Seatbelts in coach seats


He seems to be having problem with seatbelts that the coaches have now and he got to remember his own school time when coaches didn’t have any seatbelts. Well we too agree that sitting with seatbelts is not that enjoyable but safety comes first, so he got adjusted to it.

Seatbelts in coach seats

5The real trouble begins


Well the real trouble begins for Simon now as the kid who called him “Bruv” has declared that he suffers from travel sickness. Have you ever travelled with someone who falls ill while travelling and vomits sitting beside you…Yucckkkk. All the best Simon, this is going to be a memorable one!

The real trouble begins


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