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Top 11 Bizarre Phobias You Never Thought Existed

By Adreianna Alexes, 22 October 2017


The concept of phobia is quite an interesting psychological concept. A phobia is a condition of extreme fear where people experience significant emotional distress and a general sense of being over the edge. Certain objects, situations or even types of people can trigger a phobia anxiety attack. People with phobias often exhibit physical symptoms when the panic attack strikes, such as rapid, pounding heartbeats, dry mouth, dizziness, fingers turning cold and a strong sensation of wanting to flee and avoid the trigger, etc.

These symptoms are elicited by either exposure to the trigger or just the mere thought of it. Some of these symptoms, if persistent, can cause the person’s heart to arrest from fear, although not common, it is a serious issue. Some people are born with the phobias they experience while many acquire it throughout their lives, usually following a traumatic experience. Some people could have more than one phobia; however, not all people have phobias. Some people have genetic tendencies to develop certain phobias and are just waiting for an external factor to push the button and express this phobia.

That often explains why people spontaneously develop phobias towards things that they previously were fine with or without experiencing any emotional trauma that could explain its onset. Some phobias can be cured with therapy while others are much harder to cure. Some phobias seem more rational than others, such as the fear of snakes or spiders while there are weird and rather irrational phobias. Here is a list of 11 bizarre, irrational phobias that exist.

1Trypophobia - The Fear of Holes

Surprisingly, some people find the sight of holes, no matter how small they are, to be very distressing and unpleasant. People with Trypophobia can go to extreme measures to avoid small and harmless objects such as sponges or honeycombs just because they have holes in them. Scientists claim that the reason behind this phobia dates back to our ancestors where their biological sense told them to avoid holes and traps that were set by cannibals or enemies from nearby tribes back in the dark ages. It is fascinating how such biological information can be carried in our genes for so many decades and transferred to us from our ancestors through many successive generations.

Trypophobia - The Fear of Holes

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