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Answering The Long Debate on Men's Underwear

By AK, 17 March 2020


Boxers or briefs? Someone might have asked you this age-old question denoting to your preference. Men's underwear is not a fashion trend that comes and goes, but a staple in any man's wardrobe. It's a category in men's fashion that would be there for eternity.

Though men's underwear briefs were the usual standard, it has diversified to more than what people can imagine, including jockstraps, boxers, trunks, and various other designs.

It's important to note, though, that men's underwear was designed to provide maximum comfort and provide the support where needed.

1A Brief History on Men's Underwear

Men's undergarments do not have the same prestige as women's fashion and are something given just hindsight. Though they may not be as big and bold as women's undergarment fashion, men's underwear fashion started the dawn of the century.

The first loose-fitting boxer shorts were released in mainstream fashion only in 1925, resembling the type of shorts boxers wear. After a decade, the men's underwear industry released several other variants, including jockey shorts and briefs. They elevated the level of masculinity with sleeker designs and tighter fits.

Since then, men's underwear has diversified in design, including the G-strings, boxer briefs, trunks, and many others. Even the conventional undergarments were modified into three different styles, including the low-rise, mid-rise, and full-rise briefs.

A Brief History on Men’s Underwear

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2Boxers vs. Briefs: Which is the Better Option?

Comfort is one of the critical questions to consider when looking for the right underwear. Most men like the freedom and opt for boxers because they have a more comfortable space down there. Unlike the conventional briefs, boxer shorts also come with a front exit through the loose and gapped front design.

Briefs, on the other hand, are skin-tight, providing the protection you need regardless of the job you are doing. They are suitable to wear when doing heavy work to prevent pressure on the nether regions. Briefs pull your testicles close, which prevents extra pressures from occurring.

On the other hand, experts also advise wearing loose-fitting underwear and let the scrotum do its natural work. Body temperature plays an essential role in sperm production, and the testicles should be at least 2 or 4 degrees below your average body temperature.

There are also risks to wearing boxers. Your testicles are free and swinging, and they can hit the side of your legs. It can lead to injuries and possible testicular trauma, which can be the reason to have the support of the best men's underwear briefs.

Boxers vs. Briefs: Which is the Better Option?

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3Choosing the Right Underwear


Conventionally, selecting the right underwear falls under one's preference. Experts only advise people with certain conditions to wear a specific type of underwear to prevent the aggravation of their circumstances.

For example, men with fertility problems should wear loose-fitting underwear to help their testicles descend and allow for better sperm production. However, men constantly experiencing testicular painsshould wear tight-fit underwear.

Overall, choosing the right underwear depends on the comforts you want to have and the amount of freedom you need. There are also scenarios where you have to wear the correct type of underwear to prevent the occurrence of a significant health problem.

Situations that often include lifting heavy objects work that requires you to exert a lot of pressure, and exposure to too much heat among others will expect you wear the appropriate undergarment to protect your family jewels.

Choosing the Right Underwear

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