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8 Amazing Reasons to Learn Kung Fu

By AK, 8 August 2019


Kung fu is a popular form of martial arts practiced all around the world. Based on an ancient Indian form of martial arts, kung fu has been around for centuries. It has been extremely influential in Chinese history.

The benefits of training this ancient practice are not exclusive. This means that even if you are doing it for one specific reason, you will receive other positives along the way.

Curious about what some of those benefits might be? Read on, and we will show you the main reasons why you should learn kung fu.

1Self Defense

Kung fu is a fighting art that originated in China hundreds of years ago. It primarily utilizes a striking style. Popular moves in kung fu include blocks, kicks, and both closed as well as open hand strikes to defend against others.

Kung fu artists might also use throws and joint locks sometimes. This practice uses both soft (using an attacker's strength against them) and hard (using force against their force) techniques.

Everything that one learns in kung fu is practical and can actually be used against an attacker. Kung fu also teaches you how to focus, how to be more aware of your surroundings, and how to be confident during stressful situations. All of these characteristics are helpful during self defense.

Self Defense

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2Increased Confidence

The confidence we are talking about is not the kind where you walk around the neighborhood acting like you can beat up the next guy who looks tough. We are talking about the kind of confidence where you feel you can accomplish the tasks that you set out to do and you aren't worried about what others think.

Within the first few years of your kung fu training, you will be able to carry heavy loads, become a more fluid and controlled dancer, and keep your balance on slippery ice roads. You will also look and feel much better and have excellent posture.

Increased Confidence

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3It Can Bring Peace of Mind


Originally, kung fu wasn't about overcoming other people. It was about overcoming yourself. In fact, the term kung fu was first used to describe a person who mastered a difficult discipline.

Martial arts practices like kung fu are able to raise one's self-esteem. They are able to do this by simply improving a person's physical fitness. They also teach discipline and instill confidence in the practitioner.

Kung fu utilizes graceful, flowing motions. This repetition and emphasis on form can help to put the martial artist into a relaxed and controlled state.

It Can Bring Peace of Mind

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4Great Workout

Kung fu can be considered a moderate to high-intensity form of aerobic exercise. This means that students of kung fu will experience improved blood flow, weight control, and improved cardiovascular efficiency.

Because it demands the use of your full body, you will bring about an improvement to your overall stamina and physique.

5Weight Loss

If you train every day, you will be burning enough calories to either maintain or lose your current weight. It is important to see kung fu as a lifestyle choice though instead of just something you do for an hour each day and then forget about.

As your body gets fitter, pay attention to what you eat. By eating a diet that is full of leafy greens and lean meats, you will become even stronger and healthier.

There are certain foods you can eat to boost the effects of your kung fu workout even more. Before your session, stick to meals that are low in sugar and fat and high in carbs. After the workout, you can recover with something like low-fat chocolate milk.

Great Workout

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6Stay Calm in Stressful Situations


Although learning to fight and defend yourself is extremely useful, learning to avoid conflict altogether is even more valuable. A good kung fu master will show you the proper ways to control your temper so that you can keep an even keel in a variety of stressful scenarios.

When you are filled with real confidence, you won't feel a need to prove yourself to others. This will allow you to turn to violence only as a last resort instead of a first choice.

Weight Loss

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7Increased Energy

It has been proven time and again that daily sessions of aerobic exercise can improve one's concentration and give them an overall sense of greater energy. To adequately perform kung fu, a practitioner must prove their skills of endurance, explosive power, and isometric strength. By developing and honing those traits, one can tap into an almost endless supply of energy.

8There Are Several Varieties of Kung Fu

Thanks to kung fu's rich and storied history, multiple variations of the ancient art have developed over time. One such variation is Wing Chun. Translating to "beautiful springtime," Wing Chun uses strong legs and rapid arm movements to defeat an opponent.

Popular practitioners of Wing Chun include Ip Man, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee. Wing Chun classes are a fun and effective way to learn kung fu.

Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

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9It Takes Practice to Learn Kung Fu


Nobody said it was easy to perform and learn kung fu. It takes discipline, commitment, and a desire to better oneself. But with some hard work and dedication, everyone can stand to benefit from this beautiful and ancient martial art.

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