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8 Historic Photos That Will Make You Question Humanity Forever

By Jatin Sharma, 18 April 2017


4 Slave Trade – 15th century to 19th century

Slavery can be traced back to the Code of Hammurabi in 1860 BC. The slave trade was always part of human history; however, it became more popular in middle ages and dark ages in Europe and British Isles. Denmark and Norway became the first nations to abolish slave trade in 1802, US abolished slave trade in late 1800s. But slavery remains a big black mark on humanity.

Slave Trade.

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5 Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The dropping of atomic bombs by US on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August, respectively, remains one of the vilest attempts by any nation to get another nation to surrender in a war. US president Harry S. Trueman defended the decision to drop the bombs, saying Japan had been warned and asked to surrender before we took this extreme step. However, he decision killed atleast 129,000 people and millions of people were affected by the radiation of the bombs. US has still not apologized for dropping the bombs on Japan.

Hiroshima Nagasaki

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6 Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall was a guarded barrier between East and West Germany from 1961-1989. It was constructed by German Democratic Republic, cutting off West Berling from East Berlin. There were orders to shoot people who tried to go from East Germany to West Germany. The Eastern Bloc claimed that the Wall was build to look after its population from fascist fundamentals conspiring to thwart the "will of the people" in construction of a socialist state in East Germany.

Berlin Wall

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