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10 Secret Emergency Codes Everyone Should Know

By Jatin Sharma, 15 April 2017


3 Doctor Brown

When someone call for a ‘Dr. Brown’ on loudspeakers in any hospital, it isn’t a signal for a Dr. Brown. It is in fact a signal for security personnel to get ready to tackle a threat to personnel. If the doctors or nurses find themselves in trouble with any person visiting them they apply the Dr. Brown code for help. They page their location to security and they rush to the spot to save them.

Doctor Brown

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4 Walmart codes

Walmart is one of the biggest retail store chain in the world. It has thousands of stores all over US and many other countries. It is also the first ever retailer to make a list of emergency codes for themselves. Code 10 means a wet spill in any of the aisles. Code Blue is the most worry some code, as it means there is a bomb in the building. Code Green means hostage situation on the building.

Walmart codes

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5 Code Adam


Code Adam is a universally recognized code, which was introduced by Walmart in 1994. It is named after the tragic incident of 1981, when 6 year Adam Walsh was abducted from a Sears mall in Hollywood. His head was found 2 days later in a canal. This code is used all big retailers to notify if a child is missing.

Code Adam

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