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10 Facts That Sound Too Good To Be True, But Are 100% Correct

By Jatin Sharma, 2 May 2017


3 Metal can weld together in vacuum

Normally you need to apply heat at high temperature in order to join two metals and the process is known as welding. However, if the two pieces of metal were placed somewhere without any oxygen, like in a vacuum or space, they would instantly fuse together in what is called as cold welding.

Oxygen provides a layer over the atoms of metals, in order to keep them together. However, when the same metal is placed along with another metal in an area without any oxygen, the atoms of both metals don’t know they are two separate pieces and mix together.

That is why astronauts have tools made of plastic or with plastic coating to avoid fusing their screwdriver to their space ship while maintenance walks in space.


4 Sharks are older than what we thought

Fossils in Siberia proved that sharks appeared on Earth during the Silurian period some 450 million years ago and at one point there were 3,000 species of sharks, as compared to 500 species today. The funny thing is that it is believed that trees didn’t appear on Earth for millions of years after Sharks appeared. Trees appeared during the Devonian period, some 418 mn to 358 mn years ago.

The oldest known tree fossil is 385 million years ago, which is about 65,000,000 years after sharks appeared. Sharks are 220 million years older than dinosaurs and about 390 years older than Mount Everest. Feast on that thought.

Sharks are older than what we thought

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5 Louis Pasteur had a loaded gun with him while developing cure for Rabies

Pasteurization is a process by which a liquid is heated to kill bacteria in it to make it safe for consume. It was invented by Louis Pasteur in 1800s and later on, he decided to find a cure for rabies, a disease that is fatal and incurable even today.

Pasteur worked with live rabid animals in his lab and he had given orders to his assistants to shoot him, if he is ever bitten by one of the infected animals. Finally and fortunately it didn’t come to that and in 1885, July 6, his team invented the first vaccine for rabies and was used on a 9 year old boy to save his life.

Louis Pasteur

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6 F1 racers’ weight is closely monitored

Professional models have their weights closely monitored by modeling agencies and have many dietary restrictions to follow. You must think that models live a hard life due to all the restrictions. Well, they atleast have it better than F1 race drivers.

Since F1 races are highly precise, 2kgs of weight can wipe off 0.02 seconds from your race time and could mean in a loss. F1 drivers have to be around 60-65 kgs to race in professional circuit and in 2013, Jenson Button admitted to starving himself and avoiding carbs in order to be ready for the races.

F1 racers’ weight is closely monitored

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