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This Woman Was Dumped Five Days After Being Paralysed and Has Now Found Love and Can Walk

By KK Angus, 3 April 2018


11Her ex-say

Interestingly, Riona's ex-husband Richard has claimed that their marriage was over even before she had the stroke. In fact, he says he asked for a divorce the morning before her stroke. Even if that were true, it's a ghastly thing to abandon the kids and their mother at such a point in their lives. Riona has admitted that she was miserable in that marriage and had an unpleasant married life of 14 years with her ex.

Paralysed Mum Finds Love

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12She's back in the gym

Riona says that she is back in the gym and not only exercises every day but can walk at a steady pace. Although she doesn't cover long distances without her wheelchair, her progress in just two years has been awe-inspiring. Though she will always have certain issues with her nerves and muscles, she can work out like a regular person and has even posted pictures of her lifting weights at the gym.

Riona feels stronger than ever

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13How she fell in love


Riona says Keith not only fixed her physically but also helped her find her spirit and her confidence. She has also admitted that Keith is the one who told her that she could do anything she wanted to, from modeling to running a business, there's no limit for her if she finds a will to do something.

How she fell in love

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14She's expecting again

It was announced last September that Riona is pregnant with her and Keith's child. The baby is due this May, and has brought a miraculous wave of joy into Keith and Riona's life.

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Riona has also started her charity called Go Pink which focuses on fitness, health, diets and also works with people with physical disabilities. In fact, after her story got out, Riona and Keith have been asked to be the faces of several important global charities.

Keith ended up helping Riona rehabilitate

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