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This Woman Was Dumped Five Days After Being Paralysed and Has Now Found Love and Can Walk

By KK Angus, 3 April 2018


6Who saved the day?

Needless to say, Riona's main priority was bouncing back from the tragedy. With four young children and her paralysis it obviously wasn't easy. Most physical therapists and trainers refused to work with her as they believed no amount of rehabilitation could make Riona walk again. That's when someone recommended the name of Keith Mason to her.

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7Who was Keith?

Keith was a former athlete and a star rugby league footballer. Keith was a personal trainer and took up Riona's case with special care. Riona began responding to the therapy and even showed considerable development. Needless to say, Keith and Riona formed a special bond that went beyond their training and Riona started opening up to him about her personal struggles.

Keith Mason

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8A friend in need


Today Riona thanks God every day for sending Keith into her life. She revealed in an interview that she considers Keith her best friend and has probably never trusted anyone as much as she trusts Keith. Riona also said that Keith had been a tremendous mental support for her in times of crisis, which is why the relationship has survived for more than a year.

Riona Kelly and Keith Mason

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9Keith - A celebrity

Keith Mason used to be a pretty big deal in the sports world. Not only has he enjoyed a 14-year career but had also played for some major leagues. He retired in 2013 and started working as a personal trainer. In fact, he also had a brush with showbiz as he starred in the popular TV series Peaky Blinders. In fact, Keith's unusual and beautiful love story made headlines all over the world.

Keith Mason a celebrity

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10How did Keith help?

Keith and Riona worked hard to get her back on her feet. Riona said that she was unable to walk and was dragging her feet for a very long time. She had no feeling in her legs and couldn't stand at all, and today she can walk without any support. Doctors were left awestruck at her progress especially as they had never seen anything like this before.

Keith and Riona worked hard

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