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Why Video Creators Opt For Quality Stock Music?

By AK, 27 July 2019


Music has a unique quality that adds that “something special” to any video project. Music enhances commercials, TV shows, school projects, company presentations, and motion pictures too. Many video creators have discovered that stock music is the perfect choice for their work. Here are the five most common reasons why video creators choose quality stock music.

1One-time fee


Royalty-free music has no licensing fees. The only money video creators pay for music is the one-time fee. The user incurs no additional expenses. Using non-royalty-free music limits creators. Generally, one is permitted to use a track for personal use.

Once a video creator uses it in a project meant to make money, the user must pay out additional monies to the artist or even the business from which the song was already purchased. There are also grey areas wherein paying royalties could arise. For example, if a user includes said music in a personal video on YouTube and ads are run through that platform that might also be considered commercial use of the music. Again, with royalty-free music, the user pays once and never, ever again.

2Unlimited use


Since the user pays no licensing fees for royalty-free background music, the song can be used forever. A track downloaded today can be used today and even decades from now. A non-royalty-free music library will charge a user licensing fees to use a song for a specific period of time in order to make more money.

When video creators download a royalty-free music song they know there is no pressure to meet any specific deadline to use it. Having to keep track of what songs are still licensed and which can no longer be used can have a negative impact on one’s efficiency.

One-time fee

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3Variety of use


Stock music can be used in any kind of video. Songs with royalty fees also often have limitations regarding the type of videos in which they can be used. In fact, the rules can be so detailed and complicated that just struggling through the legal documents can impede one’s work progress.

Conversely, royalty-free music has no such annoying strings attached to it and can literally be used however and whenever one chooses. A user can use a song on a school project prior to graduation, a home movie the next year, and a client’s training video, or an independent film years later. There are no limits.

4No copyright issues


Copyright is a major issue for video creators looking for music. “Newbies” can be incredibly disappointed to learn that the Khalid cut or Led Zeppelin song they included in their video projects is not available for licensing (unless they are filthy rich.) This is yet another reason why people choose stock music.

With stock music one pays for both the track and the right to use it in any type of media one chooses. It is a lot different from going to iTunes. With iTunes, you pay for the right to own it and listen to it, nothing more. When a video creator pays the one-time fee for stock music the purchase includes what’s called “performance rights” for the music so the user may do whatever he or she pleases with it.

Unlimited use

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5 Production value


Video creators choose stock music because it can add a higher level of quality to the overall production value to any video project. Having just the right instrumental or song to match an image gets a video producer one step closer to impressing a client or audience. Experienced producers can confirm that even mediocre projects that are initially hampered by a specific subject or individual elements that are out of the creator’s control can be largely improved with the simple addition of apropos audio.

With quality stock music, you avoid all potential issues regarding last-minute licensing and legal troubles. You avoid the risk of having to replace a perfect song with something else at the last minute because someone does not approve of how the video project in which the song is used.

What more need be said? It’s simple. Video creators choose quality stock music for the convenience, low cost and to avoid any potential legal issues.

Variety of use

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