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Twenty Two Reasons Why People Leave Soon After Saying “I Love You”

By Kavita Panyam, 28 October 2017


13Checking out others

There are people that get busy checking out others either on their own or at a friend’s insistence. This, despite being in a committed relationship. When they find someone better, they leave.

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14Time constraints

When people profess their love for each other, their emotions usually run high. They find that they cannot keep off each other, wanting to meet often etc. Texting, calling are other means of communication that tend to eat away time. When they find this to be affecting their professional lives, people choose to leave to maintain decorum.

Time constraints

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Just as soon as a declaration is made, people reveal their usual selves. Some of them maybe violent people that indulge in physical abuse. Unable to withstand this behavior, people may leave immediately. Of course, to be able to do this, one must think logically and take a practical decision.

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16Excessive Interactions

It has been proved in studies that excessive interactions such as too much texting, calls, meeting, cuddling, can take away the newness of a relationship all too soon. Predictable behavior tends to end the mystery, throwing the romance out of the window and causing people to leave.

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In the initial stages of a new relationship, the heart is tender and the mind strong. After professing love for each other, if the partners resort to talking rudely, ignoring, name calling and the like, love that has not yet blossomed fully, can die a premature death causing people to leave.


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