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Twenty Two Reasons Why People Leave Soon After Saying “I Love You”

By Kavita Panyam, 28 October 2017


8Getting even with

Many a time revenge can be an underlying factor to make people fall in love. Old rivalries, jealousy, or to settle scores over some humiliation can prompt people to use the phrase “I love you” as a matter of fact to win the rivals affection. When the job is done, people run.

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9Stressful atmosphere at home

People that have been living in stress and tension due to frictions between parents and siblings at home, tend to hold volatile thoughts. They seek a relationship to escape from the hell that they are in. But once these people enter the relationship, the reality that they have to actually put in a lot of effort to make a relationship work dawns upon them and they flee the scene.

Stressful atmosphere at home

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There are times when admiring someone is mistaken as loving them. Admiration leads people into believing that they are in love and the wooing begins. Once the declaration happens and the two people get close, they may find that they have little in common which causes the attraction to fade away and they choose to exit quickly.

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11Looking for benefits

People that dream of getting rich overnight might resort to wooing an affluent partner to achieve this goal. When their little secret gets exposed, or they fear this outcome, people beat a hasty retreat. In some cases, they stick on and swindle some amount before leaving.

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Incompatibility is a genuine reason for people to quit romantic relationships. When two people find that their outlook towards life is opposite, they may choose to exit soon after professing their love.


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