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10 Signs That Clearly Show That You Are Stuck In an Unhealthy Relationship

By Milos Kitanovic, 10 May 2017


Sometimes it is hard to admit that your relationship is no longer what it used to be. This is especially the case if you've invested a lot of time and effort in your partner. Still, there are situations when it is for the best to move on. With that in mind, we bring you 10 signs that destroy not only your relationship but you as a person as well.

1 Passive aggression

You hate when your partner is doing something, but you choose to remain silent about it. Instead of telling directly that something's wrong, you just roll your eyes. This is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship because once there is no honesty, you will lose the foundation on which your relationship was built upon.

Passive aggression

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2 Jealousy

We are all humans after all, and a little bit of jealousy is not going to ruin a relationship. But too much of it certainly will. So if you don't trust your partner or vice versa, there is not a single reason for you to stay in that kind of relationship.


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3 Too much criticism

Nobody's perfect and there's nothing wrong with a positive criticism when it comes in the right time at the right place. But if criticism serves as a tool for expressing anger and disrespect for another person, it will result in your partner feeling insecure and worthless. After that, it's hard to get back on a right track.

pointing fingers at eachother

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4 Too many arguments, so little communication

Shouting at each other doesn't lead you anywhere. It is natural to get angry and argue. But if there is no exchange of information and neither side wants to admit that he is wrong, the problems won't be solved.

Too many arguments

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