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Twenty Two Reasons Why People Leave Soon After Saying “I Love You”

By Kavita Panyam, 28 October 2017


18Taking for Granted

If you have found a partner that loves you and vice-versa, congratulations are in order. But what happens when you no longer make the effort to the things that took you to get them? If one person is being made to take all the initiatives, planning dates, calling, texting and the like, be sure to expect them to walk away from you.

Taking for Granted

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19Demands not being met

Some people enter romantic relationships just to meet certain needs. These could vary between emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Asking to get physical immediately after knowing each other is one reason why people break up. One person may not feel comfortable enough to get into it and may walk off. Similarly, asking to be connected via texts, calls, video calls most of the time in a day, is not taken well by some people. Spiritual reasons too tend to drive people away from one another.


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20Anxiety about the future


When people in love tend to go too fast and bring up the question of a future too soon in a new relationship, some walk away in fear. It takes time to know someone well enough to want to seek a future with them.

Anxiety about the future

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21Control Issues

People that have just embarked on a romantic journey have a lot to learn and unlearn. When the relationship is new, control issues may creep in and disrupt the harmony in a relationship.

control issues in relationship

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22Lack of Trust

Trust is an integral part of any relationship. When this is found lacking, the love fades away. So, now that you know what causes premature exits in romantic relationships, we are sure these reasons will help you avoid making mistakes so that you are able to build long-lasting love in relationships.

Lack of Trust

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